Thursday, September 22, 2005

An update

Well having finished my Exams which were in the first two weeks of this term I've for the most part finished University for the year.
I have no lectures, no seminars, no labs and no assessment, in fact I have pretty much nothing to do for the next month (except CU stuff). Part way through October I'll get my results back and after that I'll probably have alot of reading to do.

The biology department works on a system of early exams then once they've decided if you pass or not they then allow you to start the initial work for your thesis in about November, that at this stage though is like to consist of alot of a lot of reading until I get into a lab which will probably be next year.

A couple of figures from a "year" of Postgraduate Biochemistry study.
300MB+ Of paper and data.
500+ Scientific Papers read
3 Hours of presenting presentations.

On a completely different note things of interest that are coming up in a the next month or so (hopefully).
Knife of Dreams: Wheel of time book 11
Age of Empires 3: The 3rd Age of strategy game covering 1500AD-1850AD.
Serenity: Sci-Fi Movie that looks rather interesting.


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