Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Beethoven downloads

If any one likes Beethoven, the BBC has been distributing some of his works being preformed by the BBC Philharmonic in MP3 format.

They're only making them available for download, for a few days after they're played on the Radio station.

I spotted the link a bit late and so only managed to download his 2nd, 4th and 5th Symphonies before they took them down.

How ever later this month they'll be playing the 6th - 9th and they'll be placed on the web for a day or two as well. So if you want a decent recording of the 6th - 9th Symphonies you should be able to download them from this page BBC BEETHOVEN DOWNLOADS at the dates mentioned below.

When are the symphonies available to download as mp3 files?

Symphony 6 will be broadcast on Monday 27th June, and available to download from Tuesday 28th June to Monday 4th July.

Symphony 7 will be broadcast on Tuesday 28th June, and available to download from Wednesday 29th June to Tuesday 5th July.

Symphony 8 will be broadcast on Wednesday 29th June, and available to download from Thursday 30th June to Wednesday 6th July.

Symphony 9 will be broadcast on Thursday 30th June, and available to download from Friday 1st July to Thursday 7th July.

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