Saturday, September 11, 2004

Music Mutations.

Well my music play list mutates again to another wierd and wonderfull mix. The latest addition being some Gregorian Chants that I found for free download here. They're not best quality be recorded live during a service I think but a fairly good.

Decided to find some when I saw this post on Jim's blog, Always quite liked the stuff, at least the bits of it I mheard now and then.

As a result my music collection now ranges from Gregorian Chants and Classical music, through Techno, Rock, Punk, a tiny bit of pop, and finally to Heavy metal style stuff.

Which will no doubt disturb some of you people :) To bad!

Now off to see if I can find some more Gregorian chants.


Katherine said...

Yo represent y'all! (did I get that right?) Yay for Gregorian chant. Very soothing stuff, good for the soul. If I had a proper music collection, that would be in it. One day I will have money. No, probably not.

Happy days.

Jim said...

What about gregorian chant with death metal guitars...

Now that would be cool!

EONsim said...

hmm I'm not quite sure they'rd mix. Still worth a try :)